Day: August 6, 2010

Euge, doing his thing, Interactively!

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"Groove On This" by Euge Groove

Here is what Euge’s website offers:

Euge Groove will be releasing a first time ever interactive album of his most popular songs. Groove On This! Will be available beginning August 31st. There will be exclusive pre-sales of the album at the J&R music world festival in NYC on August 26, 27, and 28. Euge will also be performing and giving demos of the album at J&R. Times TBA! Look for the launch of for more info. Including tutorial videos from Euge himself.

I have seen The Beamz demonstrated live at a few concerts here in the Phoenix area, and it looked pretty cool,  if you’re good at  following  instructions and have a computer handy.  It can be the “Rock Band” for my favorite musical genre! 

I priced the Beamz online, and it is selling it for around $200.00.  I’m sure the prices will vary from area to area, but not too bad, seeing I pay about that much for the concerts that I attend.  I would never want to replace the real musicians and bands, mind you, but fun to play around with for those of us who do not own a musical instrument.  I am already imagining  jamming to “Babylon”, which he has included in his new CD “Groove On This“, a compilation of his hits.  Maybe I can finally put my conductor fingers away…..


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