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It’s a start!

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A friend told me that he thought I should share all of my “musical escapades” on a blog, along with my photos. He’s right, I thought, because I do seem to post ad nauseum on Facebook about my concert experiences, and I know many of my Facebook “friends” could care less! So this is it’s beginning…..

I realize that the word fan is short for fanatic…..and I think that some of the Artists that I meet are a wee bit afraid of my intentions. I have chalked that up to the fact that there really IS someone out there that may want to get way too close…and I understand. But, I’ve also been called a “Groupie” by friends. When I think of a Groupie, I think of all types of tawdry desperate acts performed to “get with” an Artist. To be honest, there are very few I’d be interested in….but their music speaks to my soul, I must admit. I think that it’s more of a curiosity of what makes them so passionate doing what they do, and wondering if they know how powerfully their songs speak to the fans.

I AM a passionate supporter of the Artists….I think that their talents deserve to be supported, and I am always hoping that they, in turn, appreciate said support. A quick hello, a photo,just acknowledgment makes a world of difference in the life of fans. It makes the double buying of your new piece of work worthwhile…I download the music, then buy the SAME CD at a concert, just to get it signed! (Yes, it is a path to poverty that I am squarely on).So, in my future posts, I hope that you’ll enjoy my perspective of what I encounter….it’ll be weird, funny, sarcastic, informative and real!

‘Cause I’m all about real….

Passionately Yours,